Segment 1 Classes


Start Segment 1 at 14 years and 8 months of age!

Students can register for Segment 1 with a $100 deposit, copy of the students birth certificate, and a parent to fill out the contract.


  • 24 Hours of Classroom Instruction- Students will attend class 4 days a week (Mon-Thur)for 3 weeks.  Classes run 2 hours per day.


  • 6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction- Students will receive 6 hours of driving instruction with one of our experienced instructors.  All drive times are scheduled with the student during their first week of class. Drive times vary and we allow the students to have a choice in their preferred times. Students will receive a schedule with 6 different days of driving. We do pick-up and drop-off all of our students for their driving instruction. Please remember, students pick-up times are approximate and we ask that you give the instructor a reasonable amount of time to arrive.


  • 4 Hours of Observation Hours- Students will need to receive a minimum of 4 hours observing another student driving the vehicle. When they receive a schedule these times will be included. 

We provide courses and training programs monthly throughout the year. Contact us for more information and sign up today!